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Performance ● Exhibition ● Talk

Wow! Merlion questions the sensitivity and sensibility of Singaporeans, finding their own voices within the perplexities, anxieties, hopes, and dreams of our land. WOW! Merlion paints the abstract, and sometimes absurd narratives in relation to the surrounding culture and lifestyle of Singaporeans through a harmonious integration of dance, art, and music.

In celebrating SG50, Wow! Merlion showcases a series of Asian icons & nuances through the eyes of ODT’s Artistic Director and choreographer Dr. Danny Tan in collaboration with eminent visual artist Mr. Chieu Shuey Fook, with performance by ODT Main Company and ODT Music Ensemble. Harnessing the multi-sensory approach towards performing arts and visual art, the audience will be stimulated and engaged through Performance, Exhibition and Talk, gaining a new insight and knowledge into the artists’ world of Wow! Merlion.













Presented by Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (

Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT), one of Asia Pacific’s foremost full- time professional contemporary dance companies, is a strong advocate of local original dance works and has represented Founded in 1999, Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT), one of Asia Pacific’s foremost full-time professional contemporary dance companies, is a strong advocate of local original dance works and has represented Singapore as cultural ambassador in numerous festivals, conferences, arts markets and cultural exchanges. Over the years, the company has made more than 38 international tours to 28 cities in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.

ODT has astounded local and international audiences on a number of accounts while the vision and ambition of its works exhibit utmost commitment to professionalism and innovation. Dedicated to bringing Asia's brightest young professional dancers to contribute to the cultural health of Singapore, ODT has celebrated the region’s talent without being tied to portraits of nationalism.

ODT has earned wide respect for its consistency and extensive profile in delivering numerous impressive initiatives and productions that have impacted many people’s lives. In addition to its pursuit of excellence in contemporary dance, ODT’s illustrious records have demonstrated their passion and determination in engaging global audiences through distinctive initiatives by its 3 divisions – ODT International, Arts4yoUths and ODT Cares, supported by its performing arm - ODT Main and Young Companies with a team of Associate Artistes.

Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Grant for the period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2018.

Managed by ODT International

ODT International provides high standards of international arts management and extensive range of services, such as the management & touring of artistes and dance companies; development and operation of dance/arts festivals; consulting, advisory and event management work for artistes, arts institutions and corporations, and production of dance/arts projects. It has also presented the region’s emerging and most prolific companies & artistes.