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“Why does the past have to anchor us down? Why can’t it, liberate us, so we can reach new heights?”

After a ten-year long relationship with Josh, Indigo comes back after a year on exchange with another man, Howard. Feeling lost, Josh tries to rekindle his relationship with Indigo by reaching out to the girl he once knew, which he calls “the girl with the red balloon”. Josh uses her old journals, to reassert how much Indigo has changed. Along the way, the mysterious graffiti artist, “GD” decides to assert a desire for the community to hold onto the heritage built through the formative years of modern Singapore.

The Girl with the Red Balloon is a story that explores the concept of history, through the eyes of Josh and Indigo. It has been six months since they last saw each other, but both Josh and Indigo have changed more than they could ever imagine. With the mysterious street artist, GD, watching over their every decision and choice, Josh and Indigo have to decide if chasing their future means letting go of the people they used to know.

This is a story that tackles our relationships with the past; on a private, inter-personal and communal level. Set in the backdrop of modern Singapore, Josh utilises fallen landmarks of Singapore to tell Indigo that, while she may not appreciate her past right now, she should still hold on to it before it is lost.